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Why Us!

The term Techie stands for one who is expert in or enthusiastic about technology, especially computing and Afrohead stands for conscientious, diligent, realism, reliability discipline, sincerity and experience.

As the name Techie suggests, we have
  • Professional App developers
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Experts
  • Digital Marketor Experts
  • Network Marketor Experts
  • Social Media Optimizer
  • Report Writer
  • Assignment Writer

  • More to be added..
Afrohead means our team will strictly follow and will look upon:
  • Conscientious Nature
  • Diligent Nature
  • Sincerity

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Reliable Work
  • Value for Money

How to...

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  • Collaboration
  • Developer
  • Marketing
  • Data-analysais
  • Referrer
*Collaboration can be done, only when you have company and can provide our developers,data analysist,marketor some works.
*Developers can works on freelance basis related to web-development and designing.
*Marketor option to get works on freelance basis related to online marketing.
*Data analyst option if you think you can prepare assignments and reports with plagiarism less than 10% on freelance basis.
*Referrer option to refer works and projects and earn 10% on every purchase done under your referral.